Photos of Borås→Göteborg Cycling for libraries and IFLA 2010 are up

Thank you friends!

I organized and catalogued my photos from IFLA 2010 and our Cycling for libraries -tour from Borås to Göteborg. My whole IFLA -experience is a Flickr -collection with some subsets. One contains photos from our ~70 km cycling tour with Claudia Serbanuta, Timo Tuominen and Jukka Pennanen, and another from the actual IFLA conference with thousand of librarians worldwide.

Direct links to slideshows respectively: Cycling for libraries Borås to Göteborg and IFLA 2010. Enjoy! (I sure did!!!)

Our little 70 kilometers was a warm-up for our main event, which will be 650 km from Copenhagen to Berlin, early summer 2011 and you are invited!



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