This is the blog of Mace Ojala, a librarydude from Helsinki. I write about whatever comes to my mind about libraries or topics that are tangential to them. My employer doesn’t make me write this blog, so i can say whatever i like.

My interests lie in digital culture and the internet, empowerment of librarians, librarianship as a vocation, politics, philosophy, sociology, systems, geeky things, amateurism, gamification, rhetorics, urban planning, design and that sorts of things. And bicycling of course 🙂

The blog’s name Riippumaton asiantuntija is a pun between ”an independent expert” and ”an expert of hammocks/an expert in a hammock”. It doesn’t translate, so nevermind. But seriously i have several hammocks so i inherently also bear the authority to call myself an expert on them 😉



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