Photos of Borås→Göteborg Cycling for libraries and IFLA 2010 are up

Thank you friends!

I organized and catalogued my photos from IFLA 2010 and our Cycling for libraries -tour from Borås to Göteborg. My whole IFLA -experience is a Flickr -collection with some subsets. One contains photos from our ~70 km cycling tour with Claudia Serbanuta, Timo Tuominen and Jukka Pennanen, and another from the actual IFLA conference with thousand of librarians worldwide.

Direct links to slideshows respectively: Cycling for libraries Borås to Göteborg and IFLA 2010. Enjoy! (I sure did!!!)

Our little 70 kilometers was a warm-up for our main event, which will be 650 km from Copenhagen to Berlin, early summer 2011 and you are invited!


Allow me to rephrase: /we/ are arriving in IFLA2010 by bicycle from Borås

Thank you bicycleimages@Flickr

I announced a few days ago that i’m arriving in IFLA 2010 in Göteborg by bike and am looking for companions. Now i’m delighted that there’s already four of us! 🙂 The weather will be sunny and perfect, i promise.

I’m bicycling Borås→Göteborg IFLA2010. Join me!

2 Männer aus Wien ca 1900

radlmax@Flickr: 2 Männer aus Wien ca 1900

IFLA 2010-conference in Göteborg is up ahead. Like thousands of colleagues worldwide, i’m attending. I’m also attending The Global Librarian, an IFLA satellite conference in Borås. I will bicycle from Borås to Göteborg. Join me, let’s arrive in IFLA together on (two) wheels!

76th IFLA

76th IFLA

Actual IFLA opens on Tuesday 10th of August, TGL is on Monday the 9th. The distance is about 70 kilometers, and (you and) i should make it to Göteborg well before dusk. I haven’t been on the route before, but it goes near some nice lakes, forests, villages, fields and other swedish countryside before arriving in Göteborg. This should be a very relaxing ride, and be quite a nice unformal orientation to IFLA 🙂 Take a look at the route on Google Maps, and it’s also available in Google Street View and of course in Google Earth too so you can do a virtual journey of the whole trip in advance if you want!

If you’re interested let me know by commenting below, joining the Facebook event, emailing me at, or on Twitter or whatever you find most convenient.

This is an unformal and unofficial event. But this is a beginning… 😉